To access Reuters on your phone:


Get up-to-the-minute business developments, as well as late breaking news, pictures and video, all on your mobile phone.
See what's new in entertainment, sports, technology and health news. Check weather and airport delay information for hundreds of cities. View Indian market performance and access stock information.
With Reuters Mobile, you'll always have access to the information you need - any time, anywhere.
Note: You can access Reuters international editions (UK, US, Canada) by clicking on the links near the bottom of the mobile home page.
Type into the web browser on any Internet-enabled mobile device.
* Not all carrier or handsets allow an active link

Reuters News Pro Applications

Our mobile applications provide you with access to professional-grade news and market data wherever and whenever you want it.

Application features include:

  • Extensive world, business and market news
  • Global financial data
  • Corporate information
  • Personalized stock tab
  • The latest sports, science, health, technology and entertainment news
  • Fast on or offline access to the latest breaking news
  • Full story articles and photos optimized for easy reading on your mobile device

Reuters News Pro for iPad

Building on the success of News Pro for iPhone, we’ve updated the News Pro app to leverage the strengths of the iPad, with a focus on video, interactivity and coverage depth and breadth that enables you to consume Reuters news and data as efficiently as possible.
  • Optimized interactive charting and financial data manipulation that takes advantage of the unique attributes of the iPad platform
  • Video and pictures load quickly and play in high quality, enabling rapid viewing of our multimedia offerings
  • Horizontal scroll and split-screen reading capabilities provide access to the full breadth of our content from virtually any part of the application, saving time with efficient browsing and quick search features throughout
  • Ability to change time-series on a financial chart with a simple pinch gesture
  • Caching mechanism that enables off-line reading
  • Enhanced legibility through innovative use of the iPad’s increased real estate

Installing News Pro for iPad:

Open the Safari web browser on your device and visit
- or -
 Search for “Reuters News Pro” in iTunes
- or -

Installing News Pro for iPhone or iPod Touch:

 Open the Safari web browser on your device and visit
- or -
 Search for “Reuters News Pro” in iTunes
- or -

Application is available for all iPhone and iPod Touch devices

Installing News Pro for BlackBerry:

 Open the BlackBerry web browser on your device and visit
- or -
 Search for “Reuters News Pro” in BlackBerry App World and click on “Download”

After installation:

  • If asked, allow HTTP connections for the application
  • Click "Run" to access the Reader or click "Ok" to run later
  • The Reuters News Pro icon will be found in the Downloads, Applications or Games menu/folder

Application is available for all BlackBerry devices with operating systems of 4.2 and greater, and for older models that have been upgraded to OS 4.2

Installing News Pro for Android:

 Open the browser on your device and visit and tap Android Market
-- or --
 Search for “Reuters News Pro” in Android Market

Application is available for all Android devices


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