HAMSA:A totally new concept in fragrance!


A totally new concept in fragrance!

Hamsa is an exquisitely pleasing scent, carefully crafted with sacred oils from cultures and faiths around the world. The fragrance is packaged in a beautiful bottle adorned with the powerful and ancient symbol of the Hamsa, which provides protection from evil and promotes peace and prosperity. The combination of the positive powers of the sacred oils and the protection and good fortune from the Hamsa symbol make Hamsa Perfume more than just another fragrance.

The Concept

Hamsa is an age old mystical symbol that is said to bring good luck and protection from evil. Hamsa is also becoming popular as a symbol of tolerance, peace and unity since it used by Muslims and Jews alike. Designer Celine Leora has combined notes of White Lotus, Frankincense, Black Currant and Coffee, creating a fragrance that represents Eastern, Western, and Middle Eastern culture and spiritualism. By wearing the fragrance one is protected when going out of the home, while the Hamsa symbol on the bottle protects the home and its occupants

The Designer

Designer Celine Leora has been fascinated and inspired by the power of the Hamsa amulet since her childhood in N. Africa. Called by different names: The hand of Fatima or the hand of Miriam possesses mystical powers to protect those who surround themselves with it. Celine Leora has carefully crafted a magnificent fragrance and a strikingly beautiful bottle that emits strength, positive energy and good fortune. Celine traces her own personal history through the mystique of the Hamsa. From her birth in Morocco, her childhood in the Middle East, to Paris, Switzerland and now in the United States, the Hamsa has always inspired and protected her throughout her journey through life. She shares this energy, strength and power with all, in this exotic fragrance and bottle. "I developed the Idea of using the Hamsa symbol on perfume bottles, so that the symbol and its power will always be present in the home. The perfume, or cologne, can carry a scent that reminds the wearer of their positive spiritual potential."

The Oils

White Lotus:

White LotusThe fragrance of the lotus flowers essence is seen as a spiritual elixir. It helps in meditation by calming the mind; promoting peace, serenity and improving concentration. Additionally, lotus flower essence can hasten recovery from illness.


FrankincenseFrankincense is considered the holy anointing oil in the Middle East and has been used in religious ceremonies for thousands of years. The fragrance is known to increase spiritual awareness, promote meditation, improve attitude and uplift spirits.

Black Currant:

Coffee BeensThe fragrance of Black Currant inspires heightened sensuality. It can enhance physical awareness by increasing sensitivity of the senses.


Coffee BeensThe fragrance of coffee has a calming effect while at the same time it stirs activity in the brain. Coffee aromas can work to help reduce depressive symptoms.


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