Just-in-Gay Land.


Justin Timberlake's Hollywood career is taken off, but he still takes time to lend his voice to some of his favorite animated television shows. 20th Century Fox has now announced that the actor/singer will do just that for "The Cleveland Show."

And while Timberlake is more than happy to be part of the show, it has been revealed that he will first voice a gay character Paul, who will be the boyfriend of Terry (Jason Sudeikis). He will then star as a "singing booger," named Booger, who belongs to Cleveland's stepson Rallo.

Timberlake's first episode is set to air in February of 2011.

This is starting to look similar to how "South Park" handles celebrities. George Clooney wanted to voice a character on the popular show, but all he was offered was the role of a gay dog, which required Clooney to just bark. Later, Jerry Seinfeld asked to be on the show as well. He later changed his mind, when he was offered to voice turkey #3, which would have required him to make turkey noises among many other turkeys.


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